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واحد چالوس

شنبه, 13 بهمن 1397 ساعت 11:23:47

نوشته شده توسط : سید مجتبی فضلی
واحد چالوس


عنوان مقاله Organizational Independence Pattern of Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran based on Organizational Health
نویسنده علی کریمی
عنوان مقاله Study of nanostructure and ethanol vapor sensing performance of WO3 thin films deposited by e-beam evaporation method under different deposition angles: application in breath analysis devices
نویسنده المیرا امانی
عنوان مقاله Role of substrate temperature on the ammonia gas sensing performance of Mg-doped ZnO thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis technique: application in breath analysis devices
نویسنده سعیده گودرزی
عنوان مقاله Improving the hydrogen gas sensitivity of WO3 thin films by modifying the deposition angle and thickness of different promoter layers
نویسنده المیرا امانی 
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