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واحد نور

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نوشته شده توسط : سید مجتبی فضلی
واحد نور
نویسنده محمد حسین کیاپاشا
عنوان مقاله energy opimization of heat exchangers using  the pinch -exergy composite analysis
عنوان مجله Drewno
نویسنده رضیه شریفی
عنوان مقاله modelling  and controlling  hybrid renewable  resources to participate in network frequency control by smart algoritm
عنوان مجله IJCSNS International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security
نویسنده امیرحسین محمدی
عنوان مقاله A Comparison the Industrialization and Traditional Systems Using AHP
عنوان مجله International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET)
نویسنده ونداد وثوقی
عنوان مقاله study and asses the appropriate financing methods in collaborative projects of water and wastewater with AHPapproah
عنوان مجله enginnering , technology&applied science research
نویسنده محمود مدهوش
عنوان مقاله  the effect of managers capabilities on relationships between enviromental unensurances and profit  management  and stock  returnes of companies admitted to tehran  stock exchange
عنوان مجله revista publicana


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